creative manufacturing & filling solutions
for the health and beauty industries
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Poppypac is an experienced provider of manufacturing, filling and packing services to the health and beauty industries. We specialise in the production of cosmetics and toiletries, and provide complete processing, labelling and packaging solutions.

We are manufacturers of a wide range of natural health products and have large-scale encapuslation and tablet production facilities in-house. We provide our services to all types of client, from High Street chains to independent brand suppliers, and offer start-to-finish product development services for product makeovers and new product prototypes.

Bottling, Liquids and Creams

If your product needs to be produced in bottles or jars, talk to us first. We have extensive experience in liquid and cream filling, and can deliver cost savings throughout the production process.

Take advantage of our bulk purchasing for reduced-cost bottles and other containers.

Capsules and Tablets

Poppypac is a capsule and tablet manufacturer.

If you need capsules filled, of virtually and size or type, we have the facilities in-house for all size of production run. We can package in plastic or glass bottles or jars, and all product packaging is compliant for retail sale.

We can work out substantial discounts on larger orders, and are known for our on-time delivery and customer service throughout the production process.

Product Updating, Prototypes

If you have a product that needs a facelift, reversion or repackaging, we can help. If you have a new product that you are considering taking to market, we offer a complete range of product prototype services.

We can assist with all parts of the process, from first formulation, through product testing, EU certification and through to product launch.